Did not play Tennis

This morning it is raining. Well it’s the UK so what do you expect. Actually, we played almost all winter, cold and windy it is still ok, rain …no.

Note that in the UK there is less rain than in most European countries. Actually London does not even make it to the top 10…(???) How can that be, I hear you say. Well, it is all down to how you measure it. If you measure the amount of rain or the number of days of rain. London gets less rain than Paris, but if you measure the number of days of rain, then London is 3rd after Copenhagen and Oslo. Check it.

Although London is thought of as being a “rainy” city, the top city of Zurich, Switzerland receives almost twice
as much precipitation as London (42.3 to 23.3 inches). London is among the driest of Europe’s capitals.

So, I was bored by 7h30 this morning and decided that if I could not get fit, I should get fat. So I decided to make some butter. Yes, real butter from scratch.

Recipe is very straight forward :

  1. Take some double cream and pour in mixer. Add Salt to your taste.
  2. Beat the cream until fat separates from the buttermilk, this will take probably 20 minutes. So go and watch the rain fall on the garden…
  3. Rinse in a muslin under cold water
  4. Squeeze and Shape into a small cube. Keep the butter cold by rinsing it under cold water as you shape it.
  5. It’sReady !
  6. Put on warm toast…watch rain falling on garden and think about summer hosepipe ban


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