Magura Brake Bleed

Very recently, I tried to bleed the front brakes on my bike and made a complete mess out of it. Breaking the bleed valve on the handle.

Below is how to do it for the next time!

Prepare 2 syringes and the yellow bricks.

Remove the brake pads and replace them with yellow bricks to ensure that the brake cylinders are pushed in on both sides evenly.

Remove the brake calliper from the frame, as it will be easier to do the work.

Remove the bleed screw at the calliper and install the syringe with 30ml of blue oil. Try to push the air out of the syringe before connecting. Overall, we are trying to remove any bubbles in the overall system and also replace as much as possible of the oil in the system with new oil.

Adjust the handle so that the bleed port is horizontal. This might require other parts of the handlebar equipment to be moved as well.

Open the bleed port on the handle carefully, as it is made of plastic and will brake if too tight. (0.5Nm max).

Install the top string into the bleed port. No need for adapters. Just push in firmly. This syringe has no plunger.

Use the Caliper side syringe to push and pull the oil through the system to remove all the bubbles. Do it several times to ensure all the little bubbles are out. Tap the line with a tool to dislodge any bubbles that might be in the line.

Remove the calliper syringe. This is best done with the calliper at a similar height to the handle so that there is not too much flow of oil. Close the port.

Do the same with the handle syringe and close the port. Be careful with the bleed screw.

Clean everything with the brake cleaner and re-assemble.


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