New 3D Printer

I got myself an updated 3D Printer.

One of the first projects was to repair a Marketing stand for my business. The new printer is very nice with good first-layer adhesion and fast speed. It supports almost any type of filament and has a multi-colour automatic switching device.

I am delighted with it, and my love of 3D printing has a renewed lease of life.

Although the technology has not changed too much, the implementation of it is a lot better. For example, the initial purging of the nozzle, the online and App capabilities, the speed, the adhesion of the first layer, the software upgrades and the options available for printing.

I made some End Caps for the aluminium clip, which would open up without End Cap.  I used fursion360 as usual and started from a photo of the edge and then modelled the part iteratively until it would have a good fit. I then used the mirror feature of fusion360 to generate the other side end-cap. I printed the parts using a carbon fiber-infused PLA filament.

The printer is a BambuLab X1 Carbon with the AMS.


As I rekindled with my 3D printing, I made some inventory of my old filament and started making sure that the filament I already owned was of good quality. In particular, the filament must be “dry” (as it tends to absorb the ambient humidity).

I realised I already had 30 filaments of various colours and other types.

Examples :

  • Shinny PLA
  • Matt PLA
  • Glow in the Dark Green PLA
  • Glow in the Dark Blue PLA
  • Carbon fiber infused PLA
  • Wood infused PLA
  • Neon coloured PETG
  • NYLON filament
  • Transluscent PLA etc…
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